Privacy Policy

To search job or read content of jobs posting and listing in this site, you need not provide any personal information nor any is collected. When you are interested in a job and elect to apply, you will need to sign in using your Gmail.

This site utilizes Google 'One Account' to verify your email identity for correspondence. It spare you the need to remember yet another set of username/password for site login. 
When you sign in to this site or your browser using your Gmail Sign In, Google will ask you for permission to allow this site to receive Google user authentication; upon your ok, you are good to go.

When you apply for a job and submit/upload your resume, you gives consent to CMS HR to collect, consume and release your profile information to client employers, in accordance to Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore.
The information you provided becomes parts of CMS HR database and also may become part of client employers database, at which point it will be subject to employers privacy policy. CMS HR will not be responsible for employers use of your information.

All information and data provided by you are for the purpose of serving you, to get hired.  CMS HR is committed to protect your privacy and safeguard your interests.